Vinitaly 2017 wine fair ended some days ago, bringing with it great news and a new world of wine to discover.

The large turnout, mainly youth and women, it’s a clear signal that indicates a change in the interest, involvement, but also in the approach of the producers themselves.

The generational change is clear, experiencing not only a “rejuvenation” of the wine concept but also a new way of communication, beyond the product itself.

One of the signs of the new path, is the large attention dedicated to organic and biodynamic wine productions,  including this year big names in addition to small producers that have always dominated this category.

Sparkling wines are still the center of national and international interest, as reflected by export figures; particularly striking was the performance of Prosecco. 

Among the proposals, impossible not to mention the perfumed and velvety Barbalonga Franciacorta, or the winery “Le Bertole” of Valdobbiadene, characterized by a sumptuous Cartizze DOCG and an innovative Prosecco Extra Brut DOCG.

Among white wines, excellent tastings in the Piedmont with the entire product line “Col dei venti”, while in Veneto, the Santi’s Solane wine (Valpolicella Ripasso), is a guarantee of quality and taste.

Some less well-known names were able to be noticed, such as the Calabrian “Il Grieco”, the Sardinian “Siddura”, which has three of top-class Vermentino declinations, and the Sicilian “Baglio del Cristo” grown in Campobella, which could easily be placed at the top of the island’s production.

An unmissable gem, outside the wine world, is a liqueur made of peel of Sicilian red oranges,  proposed by “Agricultural Company RED”, an alternative whim, to top it off.